The Celebrity Coconut Craze

Lately, it seems celebrities can’t stop talking about coconut oil. Now, of course, we don’t mind this at all. We are coconuts about it, too! We’ve talked about some of Hollywood’s elite using the oil before – now we have few new names to add to the list, as well as one of our “FRIENDS” favorite new use for it.Gwyneth Paltrow – This veteran of the red carpet says coconut oil is her go-to natural product. She uses it as a moisturizer and in her cooking – but what got the most attention was oil pulling. The star says she […]

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Coconut Oil Life Hacks

Who doesn’t want to make life a little easier? Between work and play – I can take all the little life tricks anyone can muster. That is my inspiration for today’s blog. Taking all the little life hacks we’ve learned along the way and sharing them with you. Feel free to send us any of your ideas as well! Gets you out of a sticky mess: literally. Coconut oil can be used to get stickers off jars, or even markers off a wall! Skip the tan lines: coconut oil can help ease sunburn and have you rocking that strapless dress […]

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Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

Dave never believes anything he hears. He has to do his due diligence and research both sides of the story until he can come up with his own conclusion. While sometimes aggravating, it’s also quite satisfying when his research confirms what I’ve told him. I say all this, because this exact thing happened when I started oil pulling about a month ago. He thought it was crazy, until he read about how people have been doing it for centuries and the benefits you can experience. I was traveling to a lot of shows and having people talk to me about […]

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