vegetarian recipe with coconut oil

Coconut Cauliflower Stir Fry: A Purple Cooking Adventure

With today being National Cook Something Bold Day, we wanted to share a colorful recipe brought to you by a guest blogger, Priya Bhasin. We absolutely fell in love with the colors and idea behind this dish, which is perfect for those following a Paleo Diet. Let’s take a look at what Priya created for this festive evening: I have been trying to JERF (Just Eat Real Food) for a couple of years now. Eating a plant based Paleo/primal diet can, however, get a little boring at times. You often want to try new foods in order to break up […]

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Gluten-Free Quinoa and Veggies

In my attempts to eat a vegetarian diet I may have strayed away from my goal a little bit. It’s time to get back on track because I don’t feel as good as I do when my diet was clean. When I am sticking to this type of meal plan I like to experiment with different foods. Last night I got home later than usual so I worked out and than was feeling very hungry. My hubby and little man were out of the house so I was in need of a solo dinner. I went to my local grocery […]

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Benefits Of A Vegetairan Diet

While visiting an old friend over the weekend, I found out she decided to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle. She has been experimenting with replacing butter for coconut oil in her dishes to fit her new dietary needs and was extremely excited to discover our coconut oil is certified by the Vegetarian Society. When I asked why she decided to take on the new diet, her response was simply to live healthier. This intrigued me to do my own research on the benefits of being vegetarian and found some interesting facts. Here are some of my favorites: Ward Off Disease: Vegetarian diets […]

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