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The Difference Between Healthy Fats

When you walk through the grocery store isles, shelves are now stocked with more than just olive oil. Women’s Health Magazine put out a great article in their October issue which explains the differences between coconut oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, and avocado oil. We may find ourselves wondering which oil to use and why, but never be afraid to incorporate all of these into your daily routine. All four oils are hot on the market right now and each have their own unique benefits. Here’s what Women’s Health has to say about these healthy fats: Coconut Oil – Coconut […]

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The Genius Diet

I’m always amazed at how intertwined our diet is to our overall health and wellbeing. Growing up, I wasn’t too aware of the types of food I was putting in my body. It never occurred to me what I ate would impact my skin, much less my brain. But it’s true, more and more research is making the connection between certain foods and the ability to strengthen the brain. Right now, the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute is studying if the ketones created by coconut oil can help fuel the brain when it stops processing glucose, as in the case with Alzheimer’s. […]

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Sexy Foods

Women’s Health Magazine just published their list of “Sexy Foods” so I thought I would share them with you: 1.Chocolate (triggers serotonin and endorphins) 2. Coffee (perks up your sex drive) 3. Eggs (contain amino acids that help with erectile dysfunction) 4. Peaches (increase sperm count) 5. Saffron (enhances sexual performance) 6. Steak (enhances sexual performance) Bonus: The scent of a steak on the grill is sure to turn your guy on! 7. Watermelon (increases libido in women)   We are going to go ahead and add unrefined coconut oil to the list!   Researchers in Argentina found that rats […]

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