Kelapo featured in Tampa Bay Times

The Tampa Bay Times recently featured an article about all things coconut and naturally they included Kelapo coconut oil. Below is an excerpt from the article.  To read the full article go to


“Recent travels are one reason I’ve been thinking about coconut more, but coconut oil, which is high in saturated fat, has also been in the news recently. Where once it was reviled, especially the variety used in theater popcorn, virgin coconut oil is now being touted as a “good” oil that can help improve brain function and relieve stress, among other benefits. Non-virgin — that is, refined — oil doesn’t get the high health marks.

Erin Meagher, owner and founder of Kelapo Coconut Oil in Tampa, says plant-based fats are processed differently in the body. They are burned quicker and not stored, she says, and that’s partially why coconut oil is getting another look. Vegans like it as a replacement for butter for some recipes because it’s spreadable and a solid at 76 degrees. Meagher puts a tablespoon in her oatmeal every morning.

Kelapo’s cold-press extra-virgin coconut oil is organic, the fruit coming from trees in Sri Lanka. Meagher started the company in 2009 and now sells the product all around the country, mostly in health food and specialty markets, and it is widely available at such stores in the Tampa Bay area. You won’t find it in major grocery stores — yet. ( can help you find a store near you.)

I used coconut oil in the Fresh Coconut Muffin With Crunchy Streusel and Coconut Poke Cake recipes that accompany this story, both of which were delicious. The flavor of the oil is subtle, but Meagher and other users say that it makes their baked goods fluffier and pie crusts flakier. You could substitute vegetable oil, which is what the recipes originally called for.”

Janet K Keeler, Tampa Bay Times, April 18, 2012


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