The Standard Miami Beach Vegetarian Restaurant

Miami is quickly becoming a home away from home, as I’ve been down for three of the last five weekends.  On Saturday night, we dined at the waterside restaurant, Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill, located in The Standard Hotel off the Venetian Causeway.  The dinner menu is heavily influenced by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on organic, fresh, whole foods.  Most dinner selections use vegetarian recipes, although, I did see one chicken and one beef option, along with lots of fish.

Sprouted Grains Salad

The meal started off with a dinner salad called Sprouted Grains and Organic Greens salad.  Along with the salad, we ordered an appetizer and full dinners.  It was the first time we had eaten at Lido and realized we’d ordered way too much food once the salad arrived!  The picture does no justice to this colossal salad that must weigh at least 3 lbs.  It includes quinoa, lentils, lemony avocado, carrots,and more. This shot was taken after I’d already eaten half of the salad.  I’d suggest ordering just the salad, maybe with a piece of salmon if you are really hungry.  It is delicious, very healthy, and will definitely fill you up.


Triple Stack of Chick Pea Fries

We also had our appetizer, chick pea fries, with our salad.  This was only the second time seeing chick pea fries on any menu, so I had to order them and compare them against, Carmel Restaurant in Clearwater that serves them as well.  Overall, I’d say that both restaurants chick pea fries were very comparable.  I wonder if they are premade by a food distributor, hmm?  They look like french toast sticks, thick and dense, and are barely fried unlike a regular french fry.  There is also a trace hint of curry, which may be baked right into the fry.  At Lido, the fries were served with a chipolte mayonnaise.  Not a big fan.  I much preferred the curry aioli and tomato jam served at Carmel.  Plus, Carmel had a better presentation of their chick pea fries.  The picture is from Carmel where they serve their fries like Lincoln logs.



Living Lasagne

 At this point in the meal, I probably should have put my fork down.  But I couldn’t resist finishing dinner since everything was tasting amazing and was healthy for me too.  My maincourse was the Branzini fish.  Branzini, the European Seabass, is a light, white fish, and is very popular in Miami.  I usually see it on most menus.  Funny enough, I never see it on menus in Tampa.  Everyone else had the ‘Living’ Lasagna, a vegetarian dish made to rival real lasagna.  This one however, is served cold.  The cheese is made from cashew nuts.  The tomato sauce is raw.  The ‘sausage’ is a combination of nuts and veggies.  Finally, the pasta layers are squash, not noodles.  I didn’t actually try this dish because I was stuffed with fish and our side course of white bean salad.  The consensus from the table was “different than regular lasagna but great in it’s own right”.

White Bean Salad


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