The Washington Post – “Healthy Fats to Feed your Kids”

Yesterday, The Washington Post published an article titled, “Healthy fats to feed your kids.”  Of course coconut oil was among the 5 fats they recommended.  The article started with the author’s son asking her if foods that had fat in them were bad for you.  She said:

●Healthful fat is a concentrated source of energy for the body.

●It is a building block of cell membranes and hormones.

●Fat slows absorption of carbohydrates, and other parts of our meals, into our blood. This helps us feel full longer.

●Our bodies can’t digest and absorb vitamins A, D, E and K without it.

●Our brains are partially constructed from healthful fats.


Then she went on to elaborate about each oil:

Coconut oil

“Coconut oil is a fun alternative in baking and when roasting vegetables. Many naturally bitter vegetables become more palatable to children when roasted in coconut oil. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, so you might wonder why it is healthful. It is a natural saturated fat, meaning that it is found this way in nature. It is not chemically hydrogenated like many other, unhealthful saturated fats.

Coconut oil has been shown to support a strong immune system and have anti-bacterial properties due to its content of lauric acid. It has also been shown to help externally, when rubbed on eczema and skin rashes. You want to buy an extra-virgin non-hydrogenated coconut oil. It comes as a solid, so scoop out however much you need and melt to use.

So back to my son’s question: Are fats bad for us? Chemically processed fats are unhealthful. Too much healthful fat can even be unhealthful, especially when there is an obesity and diabetes epidemic on the rise. But the right fats, in reasonable amounts, are essential for good health. So don’t be afraid; just choose wisely.”

– Casey Seidenberg, The Washington Post, February 23, 2012

Read the full article here.

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