Tips For Completing Your First Whole 30/Tips For Going Paleo

I’ll be sharing the best tips for going Paleo and completing your first Whole30! This blog post is mainly for those of you who are currently doing these diets or those of you who are interested in trying them out! But first what is Whole30 and Paleo?

Whole30 is a diet where you do not ingest anything that has been processed with the idea of living a clean and healthy life based on what you are putting inside of your body and eliminating known inflammatory and allergic triggers. The key to this? Everything must be clean and unprocessed. After the initial 30 days, you begin to incorporate certain food groups to see the effect on your body. Now this diet was not meant to be created into a lifestyle but if you choose to continue it then you can.

The Paleo diet meaning is literally in the word. Paleo means ancient and this diet consists of eating what the cavemen, before farming was invented, would gather and eat. The idea is to also eat foods that in the past would have been obtained by hunting and gathering like lean meats, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit. This idea is also known as discordance hypothesis and if you’d like to delve yourself into more information then I recommend this page.

Hopefully, with this basic information, you can become more interested in this if not for yourself but for your loved ones. It is definitely not healthy to eat processed food in abundance so knowing that there are ways out there to change that helps ease the mind. Remember to educate yourselves very well before jumping into these diets. Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for!

Top Paleo Tips:

  1. Purchase or use a Crockpot (or a slow cooker)

This will literally save you so much time when making meals or even simplify meal prepping for the week. There are hundreds of Paleo recipes that can be made on a slow cooker so by no means is this limiting you.

  1. Drink water.

I cannot stress this enough! Your body already needs it, so make sure that you’re drinking the amount of water your body needs. Everyone’s body is different thus the intake of water will vary.

  1. Prepare ahead of time

This consists of prepping your meals so that you’re not cooking every day different meals that may take up a lot of your time or researching good takeout/restaurant options for yourself. Let’s face you won’t want to cook every day and it’s always nice to eat out with friends or a loved one. Make sure the places you visit have Paleo options for you!

  1. Read the ingredients carefully

Make sure that when you go grocery shopping you are being conscious and reading the ingredients of what you are purchasing. There are many recipes and products that a lot of people think are Paleo but are not.

  1. Always store some snacks

We get hungry and that’s normal! Try to keep some nuts or fruit with you so that if you do get hungry when you’re on the road you’ll be able to satisfy the craving without breaking your diet.

If you want to read more great tips that helped me along the way then I suggest the Ultimate Paleo Guide

Top Whole30 Tips:

  1. Stock up with all the needed essentials

When starting any diet, it’s important to have what you need at your disposal and this Whole30 diet is no exception. When doing this make sure to read the labels because sugar is in everything! Thrive Market is an amazing way to prepare for Whole30! They have a wide selection of organic food at a discounted price. What beats that?

  1. Accountability Partner

Why do this alone if you can do it with friends or family? This diet doesn’t restrict the amount you eat but creates a consciousness of what is going into your body so you realize it’s doing more bad than good. Now, if your friends and family aren’t interested there are plenty of support groups and Instagram accounts that have been doing this for years so don’t give up!  

  1. Pay attention to your body

During this process, your body will change and that’s okay! Stay in tune to what your body is telling you when it reacts to certain foods. Keep a journal to document everything, the good and the bad, to help you move forward.

  1. Find Inspiration

I noticed it was much easier to stay focused and motivated when I found other people going through the experiences as me. Their success stories made me want to persevere so listen to advice, ask questions and do the proper research! Whether you’re doing Whole30 to lose weight or live a healthy life, find inspiration that continuously motivates you. Making a list of goals also tends to help people.

I hope that whatever journey you choose to take, it helps you prosper!

Peace, love and Kelapo ♥


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