Toddlers and Coconut Oil

      Hi Everyone,

        My name is Lani and I am the mother to the most handsome, sweetest little boy in the world Aidan. I’m always looking for the natural ways to “cure” issues with my monster and healthy, yet affordable meals. I will be your Mommy Blogger for Coconut Oil Cooking  trying to keep you fellow mommies informed of the best ways to keep our little ones safe. Enjoy this picture of Aidan and me playing at the beach!



  As a mother I am always trying to find the natural remedies for anything that may be wrong with my little guy. Nowadays, there are SO many products with harmful chemicals making organic coconut oil has been a great find for me! There are many benefits of using it and many different ways you can use it! Here are a couple of different ways I use it for my toddler:

  •         My son gets diaper rash every once in a while and I’ve tried numerous ways to get rid of it! I tried the most expensive product and I tried to use the cheapest product, but it never seemed to completely get rid of it! I did some research and saw that coconut oil helps relieve redness and irritation, HOORAY, I have some of that in my bathroom! I started using some on his bum and I have seen great improvements, the redness is very minimal, if any!
  •        We live in Florida, the heat is unbearable and the mosquitoes LOVE to bite anything and anyone! I swear they love “new skin” as opposed to “old skin.” My family takes evening walks and if I don’t put some kind of insect repellant on my guy he gets bitten up from head to toe! Recently, our pediatrician told me Aidan was semi-allergic to the bites and to use DEET. I am not a fan of DEET, it’s a chemical, so once again I looked into using coconut oil as a natural insect repellent. Whoohoo, I found some recipes that included coconut oil, so I played around a little and came up with my own recipe. Citronella oil, lavender oil, Kelapo coconut oil, and some water in a spray bottle. Homemade Insect Repellent without the harsh chemicals. Good-bye bug bites, hello sweet smelling baby boy!

    Those are just a couple ways I use coconut oil on my munchkin! Have any of you tried using coconut oil on your children? Leave a comment or email us at to tell us how you use coconut oil with your rugrats!





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