Top 10 Uses of Coconut Oil for Skincare

Sunburn Relief

Here are our Top 10 skincare uses for coconut oil:

  1. Moisturizer – Rub a little coconut oil all over instead of your store bought lotion.  Put a lot on at night or a little in the morning to leave you smelling coco-nutty fresh with silky smooth skin.  Remember, a little will go a long way!
  2. Shaving “Cream” – Use in place of your shaving cream or gel.  You won’t even have to moisturize afterwards!
  3. Sunburn Relief – Coconut oil is great for sunburns, plus any other burn you get on your skin.It will relieve the burning and stop infection from occurring due to its antibacterial properties.  Use it often on your sunburn to help prevent peeling.  Check out our sunburn post from last summer!
  4. Makeup Remover – Remove your water-proof makeup with coconut oil.  Simply dip a q-tip or tissue in coconut oil and sweep over eyes.  Your makeup will come right off. It won’t dry out your skin like other makeup removers.  Added bonus: You won’t have to use additional moisturizer after taking off your makeup!
  5. Skin rashes – It will heal any type of skin rash!  Use it on diaper rash(check out our recipe for homemade organic baby wipes), eczema, or just dry, flaky skin. 
  6. Stretch Marks – Use on your belly during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from showing up.

    Homemade Body Scrub

  7. Foot care – Rub on your feet at night, put on socks and voila! You will have super soft feet in the morning.  Plus, due to it’s anti-fungal properties it is great for athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, or any other type of foot imperfection.
  8. Body Scrubs – Make your own homemade body scrub and have a spa day at home!  Try our recipe for candy cane sugar scrub or swap the peppermint oil for your favorite essential oil.
  9. Cuticles – Take your spa day one step further by giving yourself a manicure.  Rub coconut oil over cuticles to soften them.
  10. Chapped Lips – Spread a little coconut oil over chapped lips for instant relief of sore and cracked lips.  Add a little Vitamin E for extra relief. Use everyday in place of your regular chap-stick.

BONUS: Coconut oil is a great massage oil and personal lubricant.  Have a romantic night in with your significant other, just don’t forget the coconut oil!


– Jen


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