Top 10 Ways to Save Money with Coconut Oil

Since I’ve been introduced to coconut oil, I have definitely jumped on the multi-purpose band wagon! Being a college student who has moved out of the house, I’m always looking for ways to be budget conscious. Surprisingly enough, coconut oil has helped me cut down my expenses. From cooking, baking, home use, hair, skin, and beauty care, I’m always finding ways to incorporate coconut oil into my everyday lifestyle. Since doing so, I’ve actually eliminated a good amount of my regular spending habits. Here are some helpful tips on ways to save money by using coconut oil:

Ways To Use Coconut Oil

  1. Cooking and baking: I now use coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio as a replacement for butter or oil when cooking and baking. My food has been wonderfully flavored and cakes turn out extremely moist when using coconut oil.
  2. Make your own bath scrub: I stopped purchasing any type of exfoliating bath products and now make my own with coconut oil and sugar. My skin is always left feeling smooth and like new!
  3. Makeup remover: Instead of spending money on makeup remover wipes or greasy solutions, dab a tiny bit of coconut oil on a cotton ball and use to remove eye makeup.
  4. Bathroom cleaner: I can’t even begin to tell you how much I spend on cleaners for the bathtub and shower! I now mix coconut oil with baking soda and wipe a thin layer on soap scum and mildew. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and wipe clean.
  5. Moisturizer: I have now stopped buying countless amounts of lotion and stick to using coconut oil to help relieve dry skin. I love to put coconut oil on my legs right after shaving to help moisturize and alleviate those annoying red bumps!
  6. Conditioner: I have stopped using conditioner completely and now make my own hair treatments to keep my hair soft and silky.
  7. Dog treats: Buying bones and biscuits can get pretty pricy after a while. I now make my own dog treats with coconut oil instead of buying them at the grocery store. In my little greyhound’s eyes, they’re a hit!
  8. Acne: Instead of spending money on countless amounts of acne products, try using coconut oil as a face wash to see if it helps prevent acne from forming.
  9. Cuticle healing: My cuticles are the absolute worst during the cold weather, however all the products out there seem to never work for me. Rubbing coconut oil around my cuticles has helped prevent hangnails and dry skin on my hands.
  10. Hair de-frizzer: Whether I style my hair curly or straight, I have spent so much money trying to find the right product to tame frizz. I now take a TINY amount of coconut oil and rub it in the palm of my hands before rubbing lightly over my hair to help calm frizz.

Have you saved money by using coconut oil?


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