Top 5 Easter Favorite Recipes


Easter is only a week away from today! I always find that as the holidays approach I’m always in a rush to get together a meal. We have a busy lifestyle with both my husband and I working and having two little ones, so I’m always grateful to find others favorite recipes. This makes my Easter go so much smoother and a lot more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Easter recipes below:

  1. Buttercream Easter Eggs – Not the healthiest option but the taste is to die for! I highly recommend this dessert to add as a family favorite. This is also a quick recipe for anytime of the year since you’ll most likely have the ingredients on hand!
  2. Mashed Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes have got to be one of my favorite foods, as well as my 8 month old son’s! They are so delicious as a healthy side dish mixed with flavorful coconut oil. You could even get creative and make sweet potatoes casserole this Easter!
  3. Brown Sugar Glazed Ham – You can’t have Easter dinner without ham!! I look forward to the ham all year and this recipe makes it so tasty that it is like a treat to me. Simply add brown sugar and coconut oil to your ham juices will add a ton of flavor to this recipe.
  4. Orange Glazed Vegetables – I love when I get on kicks of just wanting some great tasting vegetables. I feel like there are so many ways to incorporate delicious flavor to all veggies that it’s hard to get tired of them. This recipe is not shy of adding the great flavors of carrots, apricots and coconut oil to create a side dish that will be making your guests say “WOW”!
  5. Coconut Chocolate Pudding – I always seem to have a hankering for some sweets, just ask my husband, so I always look forward to dessert. This coconut chocolate pudding tastes ten times better than anything packaged you can find at the store! A bonus to this dish is that is is gluten-free.

Writing this article got me so excited for next weekend’s meal, or maybe it’s just close to lunchtime! Any who, feel free to share your favorite Easter recipes below. Our secret ingredient for making everything taste so delectable is coconut oil of course, it enhances your dishes rather than overpowers the taste of the foods you are cooking. If you have decided to dye Easter eggs this year, save a few bucks and make your own Easter egg dye!


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