Top 5 Game Day Recipes

Football season really is the best time of year.

After watching my beloved Louisville Cardinals stomp the Ohio Bobcats last Sunday 49-7, I am officially excited football season. Today is the kickoff of the regular NFL season. Whether it’s college or pro, I love football – it is definitely the best time of the year. There are few activities I find more fun than gathering around the television with friends and family and watching a great game, and my favorite thing about watching these games…. the FOOD!  Just about anybody can go to the store and pick up a sandwich platter or a tray of cold cuts and cheese, but the best game day snacks are definitely the homemade ones (probably because they’re made with love). So I have decided to compile my Top 5 Game Day Recipes.

Number 1.

Game Day Kale Chips. This snack is not only a delicious finger food, it’s also a seriously healthy alternative to potato chips.

Number 2.

Turkey Spinach and Artichoke Phyllo Cups. I know spinach and artichoke dips are always a hit at any game day party, these are basically a hand held version of that (no more double dipping!) with turkey for some added protein.

Number 3.

Super Bowl Turkey Meatball Skewers. How could I not include this football fan favorite, I hear they help bring your team good luck!

Number 4.

Boneless Buffalo Wings. Everybody loves wings, don’t waste your money ordering some from a restaurant when you can easily make them better, and healthier, yourself.

Number 5.

Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Treats. No game day party is complete without a sweet treat and these home made rice crispy treats are amazing. To make your party that much more festive you can even shape them like tiny footballs.

I hope you all enjoyed my Top 5 Game Day Recipes, I know I did.


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