Top 5 Natural Winter Skin Tips

Winter has come rolling in upon us, well some of us that is! In Florida it is still pretty warm however we have been experiencing a few chilly days within the past week. But we are aware that in other parts of the country it is snowy and cold which may cause cracked lips, dry skin and other skin symptoms. So I have created a list of my 5 favorite tips for keeping you skin healthy during the winter using a natural remedy. I have previously discussed that I am not big into buying expensive hair and skin products I just like to stay within my means and use products that I already have around the house. My favorite go-to product during the winter is coconut oil; a safe and natural product, that can be used for many different things. Let’s check out my Top 5 tips:

  1. Lip Moisturizer – Apply a small amount of coconut oil on your lips to relieve red and cracked lips due to cold weather. Feel the immediate moisture to regain soft lips again. I did this today because my lips were SO dry!
  2. Face Moisturizer – I often wake up with dry, flaky skin and I think it is because of the weather changing between warm and cool lately. I use a little bit of coconut oil and apply it all over my face before applying any make-up. I will let the oil soak into my skin before applying the make-up. This keeps my skin hydrated all day.
  3. Cracked Skin – I experienced cracked skin while visiting Denver, CO because of the temperature change and also the dryness in air compared to Florida. I applied coconut oil to my legs and elbows and immediately saw the relief of my dry skin.
  4. Hands – I know so many people that have a terrible issue with cuticles and knuckles becoming painful during the winter months. Instead of using a hydrating lotion rub coconut oil on your hands focusing on your knuckles and all around your cuticles, or whichever part of the hands that affects you the most! Be sure to notice the difference within minutes, especially the softness of your hands!
  5. Nose – I don’t know about you but Kayla has advised me that her nose gets very dry and red on cold days. A remedy that works well is dabbing coconut oil around the affected area to relive the dryness. Coconut oil also helps with inflammation so your redness should subside within a few minutes.

Make sure to keep your coconut oil stocked this winter season for natural and easy remedies to help with any skin problems that you may come across. Also, be sure to share any other skin tips with coconut oil that help you.


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