Top 5 New Celebrity Coconut Oil Users

Celebrities and athletes are always in the know about the best health and fitness secrets. We divulged our Top Ten Celebrity Coconut Oil Users last year, but since then more celebrities have shared their uses for coconut oil!

Here are our top 5 new celebrity coconut oil users:

5. Yoon Mi-rae – Mi-rae, famous South Korean hip-hop singer, uses coconut oil on her body to retain natural moisture. The coconut oil, she explained, “is also full of vitamins and minerals that help with troubled or blemished skin.”

4. Jennifer Aniston – The famous actress has  been spotted with a shopping cart full of coconut oil! She uses the oil for weight loss and boosting her metabolism.

3. CJ Wilson – The Los Angeles Angels pitchers’ personal chef, Aaron Elliot prefers coconut oil to olive oil when preparing his meals! Wilson’s game day breakfast is an omelet. The omelet contains:  three eggs with spinach, mushrooms, bell pepper and onion. The veggies are sautéed in coconut oil prior to adding the eggs.

2. Gweyneth Paltrow  – According to her website “I love Epsom salt baths to detox, revive muscles and de-puff skin. While in the bath, I use an exfoliating mitt which stimulates skin and leaves it soft and bump-free. After the bath, I slather my skin with extra-virgin organic ­coconut oil.”

1. Dr. Oz – Celebrity MD endorses coconut oil! He ran a two part series on his daytime show called Coconut Oil Superpowers. He promotes using coconut oil as a tool for weight loss by speeding up metabolism.

Which coconut oil using celebrity is your favorite?


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