Top 5 Savory Side Dishes

Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

With Easter just a day away, many of you still might be deciding what side dishes to make for that special Easter dinner. Personally, I know that sometimes I like to try and get a little creative with what I’m serving. Making a new dish each year keeps things fun and interesting at my family dinners and I always get a great response! Today, I wanted consolidate our top 5 favorite savory side dishes to help with those last minute ideas. As a reminder, I replaced butter or oil with coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio when making these dishes. Coconut oil compliments savory dishes wonderfully and in my opinion, really brings out the flavor!

Garlic Mashed Cauliflower: This recipe is wonderful for those of you looking to eliminate carbs and pack in the veggies. I have tried making this before and it’s amazing how tasty cauliflower can actually be! Serving the garlic mashed cauliflower is also a way to get your little ones to eat their vegetables.

Corn Casserole: I was actually introduced to this for the first time at my boyfriend’s last Thanksgiving dinner. I absolutely love corn and corn bread…so this side was addicting! The coconut oil in this dish makes it especially moist!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes: This side dish is a classic, but still one of my favorites. You can never go wrong with sweet potatoes! This recipe for mashed sweet potatoes is also great for those doing the Paleo diet.

Mini-Spinach and Feta Quiche: Making these little quiches are perfect for a one bite side! You can always add more of your favorite ingredients to this recipe to fit your taste.

Veggie Quinoa: This is a delectable, healthy choice that is also vegan friendly and gluten-free! Quinoa has really grown on me the past few months…there’s so much you can do to this tasty side!

With so many choices on side dishes to make, I hope that you’ll find the perfect fit for your Easter dinner. If you’re still looking for a sweet treat to whip up, try my chocolate coconut nests or Erin’s chocolate buttercream Easter eggs. What are some of your favorite dishes to make around Easter?


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