Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 3 “Villa Rosa”

The theme of this week is ADORABLE! I was “aw”ing constantly, from Giggy the Pom’s adorable little sweater to the precious itty-bitty teacups to Craig’s teensy strawberry pancakes! Speaking of cute, Rebecca thinks Hugh Acheson is very cute. Know what’s not cute? Hugh’s eyebrow! But his quirky personality is just right for this challenge—the cheftestants must create a tiny dessert with big flavor that can be translated into a new gum. The ideas are flowing! Melissa does something with coffee, which baffles me instantly (don’t you chew gum to get rid of coffee breath?) and someone says so later on (Gail maybe? Thanks, whoever it was!) Jen thinks Melissa just wasn’t thinking, and I agree. Matthew’s oatmeal cookie idea sounds fabulous to me, but the judges don’t like it. “Too sweet” they keep saying. Huh? Too sweet? It’s dessert gum! Craig and his pancakes win the challenge and immunity and the camera cuts to a shot of Nelson, apparently about to cry.

The teams are chosen for the elimination challenge and frowny Melissa is last again but doesn’t understand why. And Miss Negative is “tired of this team sh—.“ In what kitchen does she work where she doesn’t have to be part of a team? Isn’t that what kitchen dynamics are all about?

Sally (and I!) can’t stop squealing when Ken comes in with Giggy the moving teddy bear puppy. The challenge is to cater a sophisticated pink dessert buffet for Lisa Vanderpump’s  restaurant anniversary. Both teams create beautiful tablescapes, the opposite of last week’s hideous symphony cakes. Are these the same contestants? I thought both tables were gorgeous, exactly what Ken described for his wife. As much as I dislike Orlando, his sugar work was spectacular, and I liked the flowers they added. The candy on the tables was a little over the top, but I was super impressed with the presentation of the desserts. I was a little disappointed when they criticized Sally’s sorbet, which I thought was a great idea, even if it did end up melting all over the place. Just shows you how long filming must last! I, of course, fell in LOVE with the French macaroon with the dropper and wanted to reach through my TV to taste it. My other love was the rose ice cream push pop, which I couldn’t believe didn’t get more attention. Brilliant!

Chris and Amanda’s team wins the challenge, and Nelson’s difficult-to-eat cotton candy lollipop gets him sent home. Craig receives harsh criticism from the judges, especially Johnny, who tells him he would be going home if he hadn’t won immunity. I think this is partially because Craig is very inexperienced and partially because Craig is SUPER annoying. The general consensus around here is that he should have taken his $25k and taken himself out of the competition.


Now onto our fabulous Top Chef Just Desserts inspired recipe!

We created a mini dessert with big flavor, that would also please the pink and cocktail-loving ladies of The Housewives of Beverly Hills!


Frozen Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail

2 oz. Pureed strawberries

1 oz Amaretto

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

1 oz Navan vanilla cognac

½ cup crushed ice

1 Tbsp Kelapo Coconut Oil



Blend well and serve in an itty-bitty adorable cup. Fabulous!


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