Top Chef Seattle: Foiled Again

Almond and Chocolate Sponge Cake

It’s Thursday which means it’s time for our weekly Top Chef Episode review! Last night featured a few interesting twists and some great dishes!

First, we start with our QuickFire competition. For this QuickFire the contestants had to blindly choose all of the ingredients for their dishes! All of the ingredients in the kitchen were covered in foil. The contestants were allowed to open as many ingredients as they wanted, but once an ingredient was opened it had to go in their dish.

Personally, I am impressed by the fact that any of the dishes came out edible, but the judges named 6 dishes that hit the spot! The winning dish was Kristen’s Almond & Chocolate Sponge Cake. She was chosen as the winner because it was creative and tasty!

The elimination challenge was next and for this challenge all of the contestants, minus our QuickFire winner Kristen, went head to head with another contestant. The challenge was also all about using berries.

Here’s how the matches set up:

Sheldon chose Micah

Kristen's Winning Berry Dish!

Danyele chose Josh

Stefan chose John

Josie chose Lizzie

Bart chose Brooke

The competition fires up as the contestants are working in a small area and with the same ingredients. The bottom 5 are announced and in the end it was Danyele who was sent home. The judges said her dish was a great concept with poor execution.

The winner was Kristen! Making her the double winner of the night!

I would be lost in kitchen without a recipe, but I can’t imagine not being able to know the ingredients! What did you think was the most challenging part of last night’s episode?


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