Top Chef Seattle: “Jalapeno Business”

Crispy Fried Oysters with Arugula Salad, Hot Sauce & Lemon

It’s Thursday which means it’s time for our weekly Top Chef episode review! Last night featured some surprise elements and great dishes!

Lizzie found a note on the kitchen counter of their suite from Padma with an address for the chefs to go harvest their own ingredient for the Quickfire Challenge. They shortly arrived at Taylor Shellfish Farm in Bow, WA. It was now time to put on those mud boots and start to harvest their own oysters!

After completing this task, the chefs returned to the Top Chef kitchen to meet Padma and Emeril for cooking instructions. Their Quickfire Challenge consisted of making the harvested oysters on the half-shell for Emeril. Five chefs will do a hot preparation (red apron) and five will do a cold preparation (blue apron). They have 25 minutes to complete this challenge and the winner will receive $5,000.

After judging a variation of techniques from the chefs, Micah was the winner with his dish of crispy fried oysters with arugula salad, hot sauce and lemon. Congratulations, Micah!

It was now time to go straight into the Elimination Challenge where the chefs will be cooking for the Rat City Roller Derby Team in Seattle’s Roller Derby League. They will be divided into teams of two, cooking food for the final party of the season.

Each team must make a dish inspired by their Rat City Roller Girl’s names. Here’s how the teams turned out:

Micah & Lizzie- Jalapeno Business
Sheldon & Josh- Tempura Tantrum
Stefan & Kristen- Eddie Shredder
John & Brooke- Kutta Rump
Bart & Josie- Teriyaki Terror

Thai Beef with Lobster Jasmine Rice & Thai Slaw

The chefs had the night off to watch the game, however the next day it was time to get back into the kitchen!

After having only 2 and a half hours to prepare their dishes at the rink, the challenge quickly comes to an end. Here’s what the teams prepared:

Micah & Lizzie (Jalapeno Business) – Crab-stuffed jalapeno with avocado cream, onion & pepper relish.

Sheldon & Josh (Tempura Tantrum) – Tempura yuzu curd with shiso, Fresno chili, sweet potato & vanilla.

Stefan & Kristen (Eddie Shredder) – Corn purée, chicken liver & sunny-side up egg (chicken inside-out).

John & Brooke (Kutta Rump) – Thai beef with lobster jasmine rice & Thai slaw.

Bart & Josie (Teriyaki Terror) – Steak teriyaki with forbidden rice, beet blood & green papaya salad.

John/Brooke and Micah/Lizzie are the top two teams. The winning team was Brooke and John! With Bart and Josie being in the bottom, sadly Bart was sent home due to under seasoning.

Have any of you tried harvesting your own food for dishes cooked at home?


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