Top Five DIY uses Coconut Oil in Weddings

The fall wedding season is officially taking up many of your weekends by now. I still have a few months to go until I say “I Do”, but I know March will be here before I know it. When it comes to events of any size, I’m a DIY kinda girl. Our wedding budget is tight because we’re also cramming buying a house into the mix, hence why I’m doing as much DIY as I can.

Let the countdown begin! No surprise coconut oil will be included in my wedding planning.

As I’ve mapped out nearly every detail of our big day, I wanted to share you with the top five ways I found to use coconut oil for everything from gifts to beauty. I’ve got you covered from bridal shower to honeymoon!


Every bride wants to be stunning on the big day, so start moisturizing with coconut oil now and you’ll notice a huge difference in the texture of your skin by the time you’re taking more photos than a starlet on the red carpet. My favorite way to give my skin an extra boost is with our three ingredient moisturizer paired with our oatmeal face scrub. Can we say glowing?!?

Cute and functional bridesmaids gifts.

Speaking of glowing, I’ll be using Kayla’s tips on how to keep my spray tan. Her advice will keep your skin looking divine and super soft too!


If you’re like me – your bridal party is a little out of control. I have SEVEN, yes as in four more than I should, bridesmaids. I can easily blow my budget just on their gifts! So my solution is by getting a little creative without being cheap. Remember, there IS difference. My lovely ladies in waiting will be getting a nicely packaged body scrub, like our citrus scrub or jasmine skin polish. Not only will my sisters, friends and future sisters-in-law love the gifts, they will know it came with a little something extra- my love!


Ok – if you are making your own menu, I have such respect for you. Personally, this was one DIY I didn’t want to take on. But there are some easy and delicious treats you can whip up everyone will enjoy that will fit into any budget. If we end up having the rehearsal dinner at someone’s (hopefully our new) home, I might make up this tasty menu including turkey phyllo, spinach and feta quiche, and goat cheese and caramelized onion flatbread.


We have a lot of friends from Ohio who introduced us to a fun tradition called a cookie table – where the family bakes and bakes and bakes TONS of cookies in all shapes, sizes and flavors to be displayed at the reception. This is a great way to get the whole gang involved as well. Here are some of my favorite ones you can include: monster cookies, Oreo truffles, chocolate coconut nests (I’ll be replacing the jelly beans with candies in my colors), and of course Chef Jessica’s chocolate mint cookies.


Can't go wrong with this "free-to-eat" wedding cake!

I haven’t made the decision on whether or not I’m going to bite the bullet on this cost, yet. A part of me says, just make cupcakes and have fun with it. But Dave insists on actually having a cake to cut. I certainly wouldn’t be the first bride to bake her own cake, but it still seems a little scary! These recipes are my favorite and would have so much flavor, you might just be able to foul the guests into thinking you paid top dollar for them: coconut layer cake (this one is low carb AND gluten-free!) and chocolate peanut butter wedding cake (because who says it has to be white?).

I hope this list helps my other DIY brides out there! If you get a little stressed out, mix some coconut oil with tea tree oil and rub on your temples, taking a few deep breaths. Remember, all that matters is what’s waiting at the end of the aisle. The rest will fall into place.


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