Top Five Pre-Cooked Meals

Sundays were always my mom’s day to cook. Growing up in a family of six there were very few moments of calm, much less organization. So she prepare meals we could either freeze or refrigerate until it was time to enjoy. Now that school is back in session, or will be shortly, and schedules are quickly filling up with practices and studying, we want to give your family a break from the chaos to still enjoy a home cooked meal now and then.

Of course, all of these recipes are made with coconut oil and are full of lauric acid. This medium-chain triglyceride can help build up your immune system which is crucial during this time of year. I’ve also chosen some good “hide-the-veggies” meals to make sure your family is eating delicious AND nutritious.

Prep now and enjoy later!

So here they are, and in no particular order, my top five pre-cooked meals:

Baked Chicken with Watermelon Jalapeño Salsa
Grilled Steak Tacos
Ground Turkey & Three Cheese Spaghetti Squash Casserole
Freezer-Friendly Lasagna Soup
Boneless Buffalo Wings (for that Thursday Night Football game!)

Have a weekday sweet tooth? Whip up our Chocolate Coconut Nests or Banana and Phyllo Dessert.

Planning meals can help your family stay on track and a great way to set an example of healthy living from the very start.



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