Top Sunburn Relief Tips

Natural Sunscreen

Living in Florida is well, HOT, there is not doubt about it. I swear these summer months seem more humid and more sticky than ever. Although, being this hot doesn’t make me want to be out in the sun, it’s always good to get some fresh air or take a dip in the cool pool! If you will be outdoors this summer it is important that you keep your skin protected and avoid too much exposure to the sun’s rays. Now, of course, things may happen and you may get a sunburn so I’m here to give you my top suburn relief tips for the summer.

  • If you do get a sunburn, mix 1 tablespoon aloe and 1 tablespoon coconut oil for an amazing relief. The anti inflammtory properties in the coconut oil will help almost immediately in relieving any pain or irration along with the cooling effects of the aloe.
  • Did you know that your lips can get burnt too? If this happens to you over the next couple of months apply a bit of coconut oil directly to your lips and see those dry, cracked lips regain their moisture.
  • If you don’t have aloe on hand, just apply coconut oil directly to your skin. Jen did this last summer and her redness from the burn subsided within 5 minutes! This is beneficial for even the most sensitive parts of your skin like your feet, hands and neck.
  • Tired of all the added chemicals in traditional store bought sunscreens? Try making your own with only a few ingredients, including my favorite Kelapo coconut oil!

Please make sure that if you are out in the sun this summer that you use sunscreen and don’t just rely on sunburn relief tips to alleviate your pain afterwards. The sun can be very damaging to your skin if it is not protected properly, so ensure that you are re-applying your sunscreen throughout the day!


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