Train Like Superman with Coconut Oil

Train Like Superman!

Tonight is a night that my boyfriend has been anxiously for…the Superman- Man of Steel movie premier! He was so pumped for tonight’s viewing that he even bought a Superman shirt! Having a passion for health and fitness, I was excited when I found an article on how actor Henry Cavill prepped for his role in Superman. Celebrity trainer, Mark Twight, used a training technique called the “tailpipe”- a 100-rep workout that was designed to smoke calories, fat, and leave you exhausted! As with any workout, recovery is extremely important. The moment you finish an exercise, it’s recommended take eight controlled breaths in and out of your nose, then start the next exercise immediately.

This specific routine can be incorporated at the end of your regular workout, or as a high intensity circuit. I personally like to choose 2-3 of these workouts and complete them after my regular workout for that day. For directions on how to complete the Superman workout, click here.

My boyfriend has also added in this circuit a few times a week to help incorporate cardio without having to walk on the treadmill- boy was his heart racing! When prepping to go to the gym, I absolutely love to have a rice cake with coconut oil on top. The medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil are used immediately by your body for energy. I have found that I have more energy and strength when incorporating coconut oil into my pre-workout snack. For those of you who have a protein shake post-workout, my bananas foster protein shake is a delicious one with many health benefits!

Make sure to check out my top 5 uses for coconut oil and working out for more information on how to incorporate coconut oil into your workout routine!


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