Vegan Caramel Sauce

Last week we gave you a recipe for a delicious caramel sauce made with coconut oil.  Today we are celebrating World Vegan Day!  So our resident raw chef LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. decided to share a vegan caramel sauce that is just as good as the non-vegan variety!  Thanks LindaJoy!


Go to any grocery store, especially at this time of year and you will find “do-it-yourself” caramel apple kits and little dipping containers with caramel.  While caramel is one of the most universally cherished sweet flavors, if you read the contents, the first ingredient will invariably be “High Fructose Corn Syrup,” soon to be given a new, somewhat misleading name and makeover – “Corn Sugar”, compliments of that very lucrative industry.  Other commercial caramel ingredients include hydrogenated oils, milk solids.

This raw, vegan, dairy-and gluten-free caramel sauce is so convincingly “real” and satisfying that it’s always a winner at my classes and workshops.  Isn’t it nice to know that we don’t need to sacrifice our teeth, blood sugar levels and waistlines for the joys of this ultimate comfort food.

And apples truly are a superfruit!  Did you know that the malic acid in their oh-so-edible fresh inhibits bacterial growth?  We especially love Honeycrisp, Fuji, Granny Smith or Gala.

Enjoy!  (and I’ll look forward to hearing your feedback)



1 cup medjool dates

1/3 to ½ cup vanilla almond milk (unsweetened)*

1 tsp. Kelapo coconut oil

1 ½ tsp vanilla extract (alcohol-free is best) or vanilla paste or powder.

1 TB. either lucuma, mesquite or maca (superfood powders) or several drops of. Butterscotch Flavoring by Frontier**

pinch of salt


Optional:  crushed pecan pieces, or slivered almonds


Pit dates and cut into smaller pieces.  Place in blender with 1/3 cup of almond milk, coconut oil, salt and Lucuma powder.  Blend until smooth, using spatula to scrape down sides until you have caramel consistency.   Add more almond milk if needed.  Pour into shallow bowl.   Insert skewer or stick in center of apple and either roll in caramel or layer on with butter knife to smooth.  Dip in pecan pieces.  You can also slice apple and dip one half in caramel and in pecan or almonds slivers.

*You can buy ready-made almond milk at the health food store, but it is super easy and economical to make your own – a fun task to do with the kids.  See my video lesson. We also have 100% natural nut milk bags.

**Lucuma is a superfood powder that is made from a small South American fruit.  Many health food stores now have raw foods sections and may have it packaged.  It has a lovely, yet subtle caramel taste and offers a lot of nutrients.  I have also used Maca, a malty-flavored superpowder that might be easier to find as it has hit the mainstream as of a few years ago.  Online raw food stores and ebay and are also good sources for Lucuma and other high nutrient superfoods.

You can replace with a few drops of Butterscotch flavoring, but there is a small amount of dairy in that extract and not completely vegan.


copyright 2011 Quantum Mind Press, Raw Fusion Living and LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D.

– LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D., Raw Fusion Living

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