Weird Uses for Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

Kelapo Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

This month Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil enhanced their popular line of coconut oil products for cooking and baking with the exciting addition of Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray. The brand new item, made with unrefined organic coconut oil, is the first soy-free coconut oil cooking spray available.

Cooking spray is a very common item to use in the kitchen.  It make clean-up a breeze if you spray it on pots and pans before cooking.  But there are a number of weird uses that you might not have even though about.  We got a lot of great suggestions from our Facebook followers.  Here is a list of the weirdest uses for coconut oil cooking spray:

  • Squeaky doors – From cabinets to front doors to car doors.  It works on all of them!
  • Grease bicycle chain – Spray a little on your bike chain to keep it from sticking
  • Garden tools – Spray your garden tools before using them to keep the dirt from sticking and prevent rusting
  • Satellite dishes – Spray your satellite dish in the winter time to keep the snow from sticking
  • Snow shovels – Spray your snow shovel in the winter to help the snow easily slide off the shovel
  • Lawn mower – Spray your lawn mowers blades before you cut the grass to keep the grass clippings from sticking
  • Fishing line – Spray your fishing line before casting, it will help the line travel farther
  • Clean your car – Use it for removing dead bugs or sap from your hood and to make brake dust easy to clean off of your rims
  • Soap scum – Spray on your shower doors or tiles and then wipe off to easily clean off soap scum
  • Kitty litter – Spray the bottom of the kitty litter box to keep the litter from sticking to the bottom of the box
  • Ceiling Fans – Spray on your fan to keep dust from sticking
  • Rings – Use it to help remove rings that are stuck when your fingers swell up in the summer time
  • Nail Polish – Spray on your nail polish to help it dry faster

And some kitchen uses you might not have thought of before:

  • Grater – Spray on your cheese grater before using to keep the cheese from sticking
  • Tupperware – Spray in your tupperware before pouring in spaghetti sauce or any other foods that usually stain, the spray will keep it from staining the tupperware
  • Measuring tools – Spray it in your measuring cups or spoons before measuring honey or any other sticky food

How do you use cooking spray?


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– Jen

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