What Am I Making with Coconut Oil?

As the founder of the best brand of coconut oil, Kelapo, people are always asking me what I’m making in my kitchen with coconut oil.  My usual go to answers are mixing it in my oatmeal or sauteing vegetables with it.  Those are the easiest and quickest things that I make at home the most often.  Other favorites for me are using it in place of butter on breads.  There is something about coconut oil on starchy foods that is oh-so-good.  Personally, I use sprouted wheat bread instead of white bread and make breakfast toast, garlic toast, and grilled cheese- all with coconut oil!  Every once in a while that we’ll eat sweet or baked potatoes, which is hardly ever, I’ll also reach for the coconut oil instead of butter.  The flavor is so much better and I’m a fan of the health benefits too.

Here are a couple other meals I’ve made recently with our awesome coconut oil!

Massive Veggie Omelet

Breakfast Egg White Omelet with Toast and Raspberries

A hearty, man’s portion of an omelet, part egg yolks, part egg whites, mixed with almond milk, pepper, and turmeric.  Filled with all the best veggies from the garden- tomatoes, red peppers, spring onions, and a heaping of baby spinach.  Topped off with just a sprinkle of parmesan cheese because we don’t regularly keep cheese in the house.  Side of fresh raspberries and wheat toast.  Uses of coconut oil: 2.  Coconut Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray to grease the frying pan.  Coconut Oil Baking Sticks to spread onto the crisp toast.




Tilipia, Cabbage, and Quinoa

Baked Tilipia, Quinoa, and Cabbage and Tomato Salad

White flakely tilipia prepared with lemon, pepper, cilantro and just a hint of Old Bay seasoning.  Red quinoa for a nuttier flavor side dish.  A light summer medley of thinly sliced cabbage, tomatoes, and more cilantro.  All the toppings of a fish taco without the tortillas.  Uses of coconut oil: 2  A thin coat on the tilipia before baking and a tablespoon in the quinoa to add flavor and prevent clumping.


What’s up next on my meal roster at home?  I’m going to make brownies to take to a Sunday cook-out with my friends and family.  Can you guess how I’ll use coconut oil twice in that recipe?  Check back on the blog or Twitter to find out!  Have a happy weekend 🙂

Erin, Founder of Kelapo Coconut Oil

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