What Does it Mean to be Fair Trade?

Fair for Life

Fair Trade is popping up a lot on chocolate, coffee, and my favorite coconut oil! So, what does it mean and why is everyone so drawn to it? When a company is Fair Trade Certified, transparent sourcing methods are put in place, including higher wages, to provide better living and working conditions in countries where the raw material is harvested. In Kelapo’s case, being certified is especially important because coconuts cannot be harvested here in the United States.
When we talk about Fair Trade, “worth” and “price” often come up. Could you pay more for a Fair Trade item, perhaps. Is it worth it, yes! Becoming certified is a way to protect some of the most important people: the farmers.

The IMO is a third-party inspection agency that guarantees human rights during all stages of production, good and fair working conditions and fair shares for small farmers. Currently, Kelapo works with a collection of farmers, organized through Serendipol Private Limited. Their farms are ranked on a numerical scale for social issues (hired labor), fair trade issues, and environmental issues. We are proud to say Serendipol far exceeds the minimum required points for certification on each of the three categories. Serendipol is an enterprise that always focuses on good working conditions and organic production. Additionally, the “Fair for Life” premium we pay on all coconut oil purchased from Sri Lanka, supports a wide range of community development projects, including worker’s welfare, education, and health care.

We feel good about being a Fair Trade company because we know the farmers who harvest our coconuts are in safe and healthy working conditions. The wages we pay to these farmers may get distributed through schooling, healthcare and living arrangements.

For more information about becoming Fair Trade certified or general inquires please visit http://www.fairforlife.net.

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