Why Olympic Athletes Eat Coconut Oil

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are an amazing look at our country's dedicated and talented athletes.

This year, all eyes are on the Winter Olympics in Sochi. I really love the Games – it’s amazing the dedication these men and women have to their talents. Not to mention their diet to keep up the gruesome schedule. We’ve talked about Apolo Ohno using coconut oilbefore. Not surprising, many athletes turn to coconut oil as an energy source.

Amy Purdy – Snowboarder

She just may be my new favorite one to watch these games. At 19, she lost BOTH legs to bacterial meningitis, and then studied to become an aesthetician and makeup artist. Purdy, now 34, and the para-snowboard-cross, are making an Olympic debut this week! She told Allure why she uses coconut oil for just about everything.

Amy Purdy uses coconut oil for just about everything, including a moisturizer. Image courtesy: Getty Images

“Now, when I’m snowboarding in sub-zero temperatures and at high elevations, I know how to take care of my skin. I smear it on my lips, comb it through my hair before braiding it when going snowboarding, and mix two tablespoons into my smoothies. I smell like one big coconut—that’s what my boyfriend says.”

Jazmine Fenlator – Bobsledder

This powerhouse athlete uses coconut oil to fuel her during her event, according MSN. I think I’d need a shot of something stronger, if you know what I mean, to what she does!

“I add coconut oil to coffee, and I drink two cups every morning. Coconut oil, butter, and cream have omega fatty acids, so they give you more energy and ward off that mid-morning or afternoon crash. If I’m at Starbucks, I’ll get a triple shot latte dry with steamed heavy cream.” 

Bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator uses coconut oil for an extra pick-me-up. Image courtesy: Getty Images.

Alex Meyer – Swimmer

While Alex may be in his off season training for the 2016 Summer Games, he still utilizes the power of coconut oil in his routine. During the 2012 Games in London, he told WebMD is pre-workout use.

“I have a like pre-workout kind of shake-smoothie. I’ll take a couple scoops of like a protein powder, throw it in there, some coconut oil because you know, cause being an endurance athlete I need to be able to run on fats.”

Brooke Bennett – Swimmer

Another Summer Games athlete told Glamour coconut oil is part of her “general eating rules.”

“I eat a fair amount of gluten-free pastas and eat more quinoa than rice (it’s healthier on my digestion, so I train better). I do not drink or cook with milk because of a lactose sensitivity, so it’s almond milk for me. I also stock plenty of coconut oil, fresh herbs, seasonings, and cooking wines in my pantry.”

I don’t know about you, but just reading about these athletes makes me want to go work out!

Go Team USA!


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