World Health Day – High Blood Pressure

It’s World Health Day and the theme for 2013 is high blood pressure. Many people seem to struggle with high blood pressure for a variety of different reasons but everyone wants to know how to lower their blood pressure. Of course there are medicines that you can take to help with this but you may want to go a more natural route. Studies have shown that coconut oil may help to improve high blood pressure; let’s take a look at one of the articles.

“Family history, poor diet, and obesity are just a few of the causes of high blood pressure. Aside from prescription medications, there’s not much a physician can do to reverse or reduce high blood pressure. However, one alternative is the incorporation of coconut oil into your diet. Because of its many health benefits, coconut oil, when used properly, can prove beneficial in a regimen designed to lower blood pressure. Because coconut oil is approximately 92 percent saturated fat and contains medium chain fatty acids, or Omega-3 fatty acids, it is believed to be better for lowering blood pressure than vegetable oils. The consumption of polyunsaturated fats, such as Omega-6 fatty acids like soybean and vegetable oils, causes your blood vessels to constrict. However, the Omega-3 fatty acids in coconut oil do not have the same effect. In fact, they widen your blood vessels and relieve inflammation of the arteries”

If you are looking about possible alternatives to prescribed medicine talk with your physician about using coconut oil. The recommended daily dosage is 4 tablespoons per day. Have you used coconut oil to help with high blood pressure? Share your results with us in the comments below!

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