Yogurt Wars

There seems to be a new trend that is popping up everywhere: self-serve yogurt shops… you know the yogurt shops where you grab your cup, fill it with whatever flavor of yogurt you want, top it with all of your favorite toppings, and then pay by weight.  There is The Yogurt Spot close to where I live, which I always go to.  So I decided to venture out to Yogurt Mountain that is a little further away and compare the two.

I didn’t have very many complaints about either one, they were both amazing.  First we went to The Yogurt Spot.  They are friendly here but you always have to go up and ask for the little sample cups if you want to try any of their new flavors.  My favorites here are plain chocolate or a cookies n cream and cake batter swirl.  Then I go up and get my usual toppings of strawberries and cookie dough.  My boyfried, Pete, usually opts for the sweeter, candy toppings that include chocolate chips, sour gummy candies, and any other kind of candy he can get his hands on.  He’s just like a little kid!

A few days later we went to Yogurt Mountain. You walk in and your eyes go straight to all of the toppings… they are endless!  But first for the yogurt.  I sampled a few like peach and cookies n cream, but decided to stick with chocolate.  The peach was delicious by the way.  Then I went to the never ending toppings bar that consisted of cereals, fruits, candy, and any type of sauce you can think of.  I stuck with my usual so I could really compare the two shops fairly.  I topped my yogurt with strawberries and cookie dough, but I couldn’t resist adding a little marshmallow sauce on top at the end.  They had everything from hot fudge to caramel to honey. Yum!

Overall, I would definitely go back to both shops.  However, if the yogurt is more important to you I would stop by The Yogurt Spot.  If the toppings are your favorite go visit Yogurt Mountain, their toppings are amazing!

I have been to a couple other yogurt shops in the past as well.  These include Chilly Spoons (love the name) and You Say When Yogurt Shoppe.  They were both delicious too, but I definitely want to make it back to Chilly Spoons for their red velvet yogurt!

If you haven’t tried a self-serve yogurt shop yet, I highly recommend you stop in!


– JR

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