Are You A Kitchen Klutz? Giveaway

Win a Kelapo gift basket!

Happy Kitchen Klutzes of America Day!!! Are you a kitchen klutz?  We want to hear about it!

Comment below with your worst kitchen klutz story and our favorite story entered by June 20 will win a Kelapo gift basket that will include a jar of Kelapo coconut oil, Susan Dopart’s book “A Recipe for Life”, plus a couple of surprises!!!


Last years winner:

I had gone out to eat at a Mexican restaurant the day before. I never finish a meal, so I brought my leftovers home in a Styrofoam container. I also added the tortilla chips in with the meal. The next day I noticed that the tortilla chips were not crunchy anymore. I had a bright idea, I’ll heat the chips up in my little toaster oven to dry them out.  Yum, hot chips coming up! I put the chips in the toaster oven and hit the toaster button.  Well a minute later the chips caught fire in my toaster oven. Flames were coming out and burning my kitchen cabinets. I grabbed my fire extinguisher and pulled the trigger. Nothing! The fire extinguisher was empty. I had no idea. FLAMES are getting higher, now the fire alarm was screaming in my ears, dog barking, security people trying to talk to me through the alarm speaker systems. I was trying to think of how to put this fire out. I couldn’t use water because the appliance was plugged in and I couldn’t reach the plug to unplug it. I got a bag of flour and put out the fire with that. The toaster oven was toast and I had to get a new one. I scrubbed down and painted my kitchen cabinet.  What a klutz I am!

– Richard, NC



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