Ever find something so amazing, yet so unknown, you felt like telling the whole world about it? Well, that’s what happened when we discovered the wonders of coconut oil. Since then, our love for coconut oil has grown into a passion, a mission and a full-time business. With Kelapo Coconut Oil, we’ve been sharing some of the best coconut oil anywhere with people around the world. Now, with Coconut Oil Cooking, we’re spreading the word: We’re coconuts; and you should be too!

Our People

Erin Meagher – Erin is the girliest tomboy we know, and if she’s not working crazy hours in the office or being outdoors-y, she might be channel surfing between ESPN and Beverly Hills Housewives. While Erin excels in almost every sport, a champion in the kitchen she is not! If you stop by Erin’s house for a snack your only option may be a bowl of chickpeas. She could live off of tomato soup and crackers alone, but does enjoy the occasional night out when someone else does the cooking and brings her a delicious cucumber gin martini.

Jen Ross – Sometimes entire weeks go by without so much as a peep from Jen, which means there is probably some seriously deep thought going on in there.  As the most detail-oriented member of Team Kelapo, Jen spends way too much time perfecting her hair. Jen is a “super cute workout machine and best cuddler ever,” (Thanks, Pete!) who loves Wii workouts and hiking, which is a good thing because the girl loves to cook and eat! She insists that she isn’t good at baking but we haven’t seen her fail yet. We also have never seen her eat a single vegetable. She is a true Florida girl, whether she is spending her weekends out on the boat or rooting for her favorite team, the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Kayla Jindra – No task is too big for our petite communications guru. As a self-proclaimed gym-rat, Kayla Jindra is dedicated to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not pumping iron and training for a fitness competition, her nose is in her text books studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services Administration. Kayla’s Kelapo superpower: Self-Discipline! When dieting for a show, she’ll make yummy cookies, cakes and other treats for the blog without even sneaking a tiny bite. Luckily, the office and her supportive boyfriend are happy to oblige as the official taste testers for her recipes!

Sebastian Harris – Without a doubt, Sebastian loves a challenge. He even holds the Guinness World Record for the youngest deepest diver (at 13 he went with his father to explore the Titanic!). Sebastian comes from a line of Titanic explorers, his grandfather was one of the first people to search for the wreck in the 80s, and his father did all of the salvage operations on the ship. Aside from checking out the bottom of the ocean, Sebastian spends time with his two dogs, Iggy and Graham. Being the only male in the Kelapo office, we were all surprised to learn he can sew.

Lani Schneider – It’s amazing this busy mom has time to do anything – much less run the accounts payable and receivable departments at Kelapo! That’s why the office dubbed her our First Impressions Officer, since most people go through her to get to us. Lani and her family love spending time outdoors, which is perfect since it is summer about 10 months out of the year in Florida. Our resident mommy blogger loves using Kelapo in her recipes, and boosts quite the cooking skill! Be sure to read all of her family-friendly tips on our blog.

Michelle Webb – It’s safe to say, Michelle as always been a little coconuts. From her dance recitals as a child to working in the newsroom straight out of college, she’s always been on the move. Now as head of Kelapo Marketing, things are still going full steam ahead for this Texas native. Her cabinet and vanity are always stocked with coconut oil – even her dog Buster (the cutest schnauzer-poodle mix you’ll ever see) loves it in his morning meal. “You can fix that with Kelapo” is her motto which has all of her family, and extended family, hooked!

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