DIY Manicure with Kelapo Coconut Oil

I’m impatient. Plain and simple; always have been and most likely always will be. I want to be able to move from one task to another without any downtime. This mindset has caused a few snafus when doing my nails because I don’t let the polish dry long enough! I decided it was fate when I found out our Non-Stick Spray could be the answer to my dilemma.

DIY Manicure Tips with Kelapo Coconut Oil

My left hand after my "quick-dry" spray.

First, I put on my two coats as usual, then sprayed only my left hand so I could compare drying times. After TWO MINUTES, the polish on my left hand was completely dry – not even tacky. I checked my right hand and the polish wasn’t quite dry; I left a finger print on my nail! Another added bonus is the fresh coconut smell really covered up the odor from the polish.

Any good manicurist would tell you: don’t forget about your cuticles! Rub a little of our Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on each nail to help soften the cuticle. This makes it easier to push back, and if need be, cut and clean them. If you get a little extra on your hands, Kelapo makes a great overall moisturizer.

How do you use Kelapo to stay beautiful?

– Michelle

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