Restaurant Review: Seasons 52

Last night we decided to try Seasons 52, a “fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally inspired menu.” With 20 locations in 11 states, they promise that every item on their menu is under 475 calories. Health Nut Erin was super excited. I was skeptical. Even though it was a Wednesday evening, we still were told there was a 20 minute wait, so we headed to the bar and decide to stay there for dinner. Erin orders the Fresh catch Mahi, which is moist, yet firm, with a light hint of butter that wasn’t too rich. The carrots, red peppers, broccoli and yellow beets on the side were simply roasted with some smoky-ness to them, cooked perfectly. The best part of the dish was the shrimp risotto, which was light and flavorful and took the dish to a higher level.

I order the Fresh Catch Shrimp and Clam Cioppino, and the Earthbound Farms Organic Arugula Salad. The cioppino is tomato-ey and full of shrimp, and is a bigger portion than I was expecting for an appetizer-sized serving. It was good but definitely tasted healthy, less buttery than traditional cioppino, more like tomato soup. Instead of the usual garlic bread, there was a tiny piece of 7 grain bread for dipping. The real highlight of my meal was the arugula salad from the “small salads” menu, with truffle dressing, Portobello mushroom and parmesan shavings. The arugula was very fresh and spicy, and the truffle dressing was not too overwhelming. I will definitely return for this salad, which paired with a flatbread could easily be a filling meal.

My favorite things about this restaurant were the extensive, always changing wine list and the mini desserts. The wine list featured not one, but two Oregon pinot noirs, my favorite and sometimes difficult to find on a wine-by-the-glass list. They also have “mini indulgence” dessert shots, which allow you to try multiple desserts. My sweet tooth was happy and I felt good after. We will return!

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