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Coconut oil has been around for ages but we are just starting to discover the incredible benefits to the human body.  Here are 5 important reasons why you should incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine to benefit your health.


  1. Use coconut oil instead of olive oil when stir-frying your veggies.  Coconut oil is safe to use at high temperatures since it is saturated and the molecules cannot be damaged.  If olive oil is used at too high of temperatures the fatty acids can break down, changing the chemical structure of the oil and destroying its nutrients.  The good news is there is no risk of damaging coconut oil or compromising your health.
  1. Use coconut oil instead of butter when making your morning eggs.  Since I’ve always used butter I was a bit reluctant on this one but even butter causes a burnt taste on eggs whereas coconut oil does not.  In addition, the eggs have a “clean” taste besides retaining their great looks.
  1. Use coconut oil instead of other remedies as an antifungal agent to treat skin conditions or infections.  Research now shows that lauric acid in coconut oil is an effective agent in treating and lowering risk of skin problems and has the ability to treat many types of bacteria effectively.
  1. Use Coconut oil instead of expensive moisturizers and lotions for your hair and skin.  Instead of using products with multiple ingredients that can dry out your skin or hair, keep a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom and see how quickly your skin problems can disappear – even psoriasis or eczema. For dry hair like mine, coconut oil does wonders for keeping the moisture in and the frizz out, especially on the tips.  It’s just as important to limit products with multiple ingredients on your skin as it is in the food you consume.
  1. Use Coconut oil instead of expensive drugs to treat ulcers.  Early research shows since coconut oil has immune properties, it might be beneficial for treating the bacteria h. pylori responsible for many ulcers.


This all in one kitchen and bathroom remedy could save you money, time and trips to the doctor’s office besides benefiting your health.  And it is possible to replace, replenish and repair your body and health with something simple and easy that comes in a single jar with one ingredient.


Susan B. Dopart, M.S., R.D., C.D.E.

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