Frozen Dog Treats

Graham patiently waiting for his treat.

Like most pet owners, I absolutely love my dogs. To me my dogs are like my furry little children. I have a one-year-old shepherd beagle mix, and a six-month-old boxer mix, both from the SPCA. I would do anything for those little guys.

With the Florida heat I have been giving the dogs ice cubes to snack on after walks or if they have been playing outside for a while. I recently saw Lani’s DIY bug bite blog where she essentially made Kelapo Coconut Oil ice cubes to help alleviate bug bite symptoms and thought, “my dogs would love these.” You see I have a pair of odd pets; they have no interest in coconut oil that is mixed into their food bowl, but always try to lick it off of me if there is any on my hands. So I figured it has to be the texture of the oil that they aren’t big fans of and coconut oil ice cubes just might be the treat I have been looking for, for them.

Coconut oil has so many health benefits for humans and animals I felt that I was cheating my pets by not allowing them to share in the improvements.

From what I have read coconut oil can help dogs:

-Reduce risk of cancers

-Improves digestion and addresses digestive disorders

-Promotes normal thyroid function

-Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections

-Balance metabolism for a healthy weight

-Relieve arthritis

-Support healthy skin and coat

My dogs went absolutely nuts over these tasty treats and making them is easy all you have to do is, fill an ice cube tray with melted coconut oil and chicken broth. Next, let it set in the freezer for about twenty minutes. Break apart and serve to your anxious pups!

If you’d like to get creative with these frozen treats, try adding in vegetables such as diced carrots or sweet potatoes into the mixture.

I hope your pets love it, I know mine do! For more information on coconut oil and pets, check out Kayla’s Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil and Pets.


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