Top 10 Desserts for Entertaining

Kelapo Coconut Baking Sticks

With the holiday season creeping up on us we are all looking for delicious desserts to serve to our friends and family! Have you tried adding coconut oil to your desserts to bring out the delicious flavors? I promise that if you use coconut oil in your dishes this holiday season your guests will be asking for more. Here are our Top 10 Desserts made with coconut oil:

1. Pumpkin Cheesecake – Can’t get enough of that delicious pumpkin flavor this fall? Try making our homemade pumpkin cheesecake with a moist crust made with coconut oil!

2. Coconut Oil Macarons – Try these delicious cookies with a coconut oil cream instead of traditional buttercream.

3. Gluten-Free Pot Au Chocolate – Coconut Cakes – Try this delicious dessert for something to satisfy your sweet tooth but not feel guilty about eating it!

4. Strawberry Cupcakes – We sampled these delicious cupcakes at the Winter Fancy Food Show in January and they were a huge hit! You can even add a coconut oil icing on top for extra sweetness!

5. Mini Mimosa Cupcakes – The perfect dessert for cocktail parties, you can even sneak in a couple sips of champagne while baking!

6. Baked Churro Mini Muffins – A healthy twist to the delicious fair favorite.

Expo East Zucchini Bread

7. Expo East Zucchini Bread– This recipe was a HUGE hit in Baltimore at Expo East in September. Everyone raved about the delicious flavor.

8.Banana Bread Pudding – Another delicious favorite made with coconut oil.

9. Gluten-Free Banana & Walnut Bread– One of my favorite healthy desserts made with coconut oil and walnuts, two very healthy fats!

10. Sara Snow’s Coconut Marshmallow Hidden-Cranberry-Treasures Treats – A delicious twist on traditional marshmallow bars with added cranberries and brown rice cereal!

   Those are just a few of our favorite dessert for the holiday season. We are looking forward to trying new recipes this year and getting a chance to know what you made for your holiday get-together’s! Will you be trying any of the recipes listed above?


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