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Cut Sugar Cravings With Coconut Oil

I have always had a sweet tooth and the list of cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecake that I would love to eat could go on forever! Thankfully, my change of lifestyle over the past two years of eating healthier has helped me limit myself to sweet treats only every so often. I recently read an article about the consumption of junk food in America that caught my attention. The study appeared in this month’s American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing to examine how Americans are hooked on processed food containing salt, sugar, and fat. Leader of the study, Kusum Ailawadi, and […]

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Where can I find Kelapo Coconut Oil?

From answering the phones and responding to emails all day, it has taught me that I really need to be aware of where Kelapo is sold! We also participate in a lot of consumer events and we need to be aware of the stores there as well. We will sometimes highlight the smaller stores that we are carried in, but never the larger stores. Kelapo is expanding at such a fast rate that we like to ensure everyone can buy us no matter where they live. So lets look at 3 of the most recent stores we have been added […]


Quick Ab Workout and Healthy Apple Crisp

Summer is right around the corner, which makes this the perfect time to work on that beach body! Working out abs has always been fun to me and I like to switch up my ab workouts every few weeks to keep things interesting. I strive to hit my abs at least three times a week, focusing on my upper and lower abdominal muscles, as well as obliques. When incorporating abs into a workout with a different muscle group, I find it easier to split up these exercises. For example, I’ll do Russian twists as a warm up, crunches with the […]

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