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Benefits Of A Vegetairan Diet

While visiting an old friend over the weekend, I found out she decided to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle. She has been experimenting with replacing butter for coconut oil in her dishes to fit her new dietary needs and was extremely excited to discover our coconut oil is certified by the Vegetarian Society. When I asked why she decided to take on the new diet, her response was simply to live healthier. This intrigued me to do my own research on the benefits of being vegetarian and found some interesting facts. Here are some of my favorites: Ward Off Disease: Vegetarian diets […]

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2013 National Vegetarian Week

Hello Kelapo followers! This is the beginning of the 2013 National Vegetarian Week, where the Vegetarian Society tries to raise awareness around the benefits of a diet free from animal by-products. In honor of this awareness campaign, we want to celebrate by highlighting the fact that Kelapo Coconut Oil is a fully certified vegetarian product and the only producers of Vegetarian Coconut Oil Softgels! Being a Vegan or Vegetarian certified product means our product does not use or come in contact with any animal by-product during production. Also, our products are not tested on animals, but our pets sure do love […]

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National Vegetarian Week

Go Vegetarian for the Week!  This week we celebrate National Vegetarian Week as recognized in the United Kingdom.  (We couldn’t find a US-based vegetarian week.)   Kelapo™ Virgin Coconut Oil and Softgels are vegetarian approved by The Vegetarian Society. Based out of the UK, the Vegetarian Society, is the oldest vegetarian organization in the world. Our products are free from animal parts, contain no eggs or dairy, free from genetically modified organisms, cruelty free, and are not cross contaminated during the production process. Look for the Vegetarian Approved logo on all Kelapo products. Remember, Kelapo™ Coconut Softgels, are the first and […]

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