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Top 5 Favorite Fat Burning Tips

Being that I’m a fitness fanatic, I’m always looking for ways to help improve my workouts and different ways to burn fat. I was so excited when came out with a list of the Top 50 Fat Blasting Tips that I just had to share some of the ones I’ve found success with. Ever since I learned about the benefits of coconut oil, I’ve been hooked. Now that this superfood is becoming more popular, I’m pleased to see it made this list! Since there are so many ideas out there I’ve only experimented with some of them, but here […]

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Training for a CrossFit Competition

We’ve found a whole new audience with CrossFit and Paleo devotees. Coconut oil is almost a dietary staple of the groups. We asked 210 CrossFit Wellness Director, Michelle Hitchcock, to walk us through some key steps in training for a CrossFit Competition. CrossFit is a high intensity training program that includes constantly varied, functional movements. As the popularity of CrossFit grows, so does the interest in how to eat, train, and recover so your body can be ready to do it all over again. Training: If you have plans to compete in a CrossFit competition, you want to make sure […]

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Top Health Reasons to Switch to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I get this question a lot – I mean all the time, “Why is coconut oil healthy?” Or some version of that. I’m sure all the other coconut oil fans out there are getting the same questions from their friends. Today’s post will help you out with that. My top health benefits all in one place. So bookmark this, share it, save it, reference it a lot. 1. Metabolism Supermodels aside, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone not concerned with their metabolism. I’ll admit it, I hate dieting. I don’t care how fabulous I’ll look, or how easy it […]

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