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Coconut Keylime Pie with hand picked limes

It’s not uncommon at all for Floridians to have random citrus trees growing haphazardly on their properties. We have a lime tree in our backyard.  My mom has an orange tree and had a grapefruit tree at one time too.  The other day we picked about 10 limes from the tree and my boyfriend requested that I make him a real keylime pie.  Technically, these limes aren’t of the keylime variety, but I still used them for my pie.  How else do you make good use of so many limes all at one time? I combined two gourmet recipes together for […]


Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

  As many of you have probably heard by now, Jennie of Jennie’sKitchen recently lost her dear husband Mikey of a sudden heart attack. She saidshe had been putting off making him a peanut butter pie, so she has asked theblogging community to make his favorite dish in his honor. When I read Jennie’sstory yesterday, I knew we had to participate in this event. Our heart goes outto Jennie and her children. If you also made a pie in Mikey’s honor today, letus know and we’ll send you some free Kelapo Coconut Oil!   Here’s our coconut oil recipe version […]

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Celebrate Banana Split Day!

It’s Banana Split Day! I didn’t make that up, it is a real holiday. Since I know I can get the perfect mini snack size banana split at Sonic Drive In for just a buck, I don’t see the point of making them at home. However, this Banana Split Pie is a really good twist on a classic and uses a blend of yogurt and cool whip instead of ice cream, which makes it less heavy than a bowl of ice cream. I add extra pineapple because I am a pineapple freak, but you can do nuts, strawberries, or more […]

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