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DIY Natural Deodorant

As time goes on, I am realizing that I want less “chemicals” in my home and more natural ingredients within the home. I’m not sure if this has something to do with having children or not, but it certainly helps with my decision. I often find that if you are reading the labels of your favorite health products at the grocery store, there are many ingredients that you cannot pronounce, or include aluminum or parabens. Parabens have been identified in breast cancer tumor biopsies and aluminum isn’t good for the body as there has been scientific evidence  shown that aluminum exposure […]

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Coconut Oil and Lice Treatment

If you have school-aged children you know one of the biggest concerns is head lice. It is a truly horrifying experience to go through especially if it isn’t treated and removed immediately. Luckily, my son is still in preschool so I don’t think that he’ll be coming home with it anytime soon. However, if your child is in school with many other students there is a higher risk they may come in contact with these pesky little creatures. Instead of using an over the counter medicine with harsh chemicals, you can use coconut oil for an at-home-remedy. Ingredients: Jar of […]

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

If you are an avid reader of The Huffington Post as an online news source you should also check out The Dogginton Post if you have a four-legged friend at home. I recently stumbled upon the website and fell in love with the name and all of the great information given about dogs. Everything from health related articles to dog park etiquette can be found on the site. While doing some browsing I found a great article about the benefits of coconut oil for dogs. I was intrigued and kept reading to find out more information. I really enjoyed the […]

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