Best Winter Skincare Ingredient

Winter Skincare Coconut Oil Uses

Whether you have been experiencing the massive amounts of snow, or dealing with the mid 40’s in warmer states, we are all probably suffering with the same problem – dry skin. Winter has always brought the worst of my dry skin out and that’s not something I’m proud saying. From cuticles (I can feel them as I type), to my nose, the dryness is everywhere!

If I could have one product with me at all times during the winter months it would be coconut oil. Coconut oil is the miracle worker for my dry problem areas and let me tell you, I’m slightly obsessed. For the price of one jar, I can easily have my skin, cuticles, face, and even scalp moisturized for months at a time. The great thing about coconut oil is that a little can go a long way.

Coconut oil also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which is beneficial if you have any scrapes, redness, or open cuts on your body. Here are my favorite ways to use coconut oil during the winter:

For Allover Skincare – I highly recommend lathering up with coconut oil after a shower and anytime that you have dry and itchy skin. Simply massage coconut oil onto desired area and repeat. I do this specifically for my legs and elbows since those areas tend to be the worst on my body.

Cracked Cuticles – I don’t have the time or money to be at the nail salon each week, so I turn to coconut oil for my hands and cuticles. I take the tiniest amount of coconut oil and massage that into each cuticle, especially the sides of my nails/fingers. I also make sure to get the skin between my thumb and pointer finger, which gets so dry as well.

Dry Scalp – The winter months tend to make my scalp dry, especially the sides by my face. If I don’t take care of this, dandruff starts and then it goes downhill from there. To prevent this from happening, I take a pea size amount of coconut oil and rub it directly onto the scalp, focusing on the dry or red areas. You can cover your entire scalp, just be sure to leave on for 10-20 minutes and then shampoo twice for it all to come out. Repeat this daily or as needed to help with dryness.

Redness/Bumps – I tend to get red skin or even bumps during the winter time and coconut oil has helped this subside at times. For those of you dealing with high cold winds, you may even experience windburn, which coconut oil may be used on as well.

Cracked/Dry Lips – Dry lips are a constant with me during cold times and can get really bad if not treated. You can apply straight coconut oil to your lips to help moisturize, or dry our DIY lip balm for a way to always have this on hand.

Face – Personally, my nose is the first to always become affected by cold and dry weather. From redness to cracking, it can get pretty bad. In order to prevent this, I rub coconut oil onto the part of my nose by my nostrils daily. Not to mention, my entire face starts to dry out as well, so I gently massage coconut oil all over during the morning and evening. Did you know that coconut oil can also be used as a make up remover?

Have you used coconut oil for skincare?


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