DIY Halloween Party Make-Up Remover

Pirate Face Painting Before Coconut Oil

It’s the weekend of all your Halloween parties! Which means that the real deal, Halloween night, is right around the corner. What are you doing this Halloween? We are taking our little guy out trick or treating. Now, if you are dressing up for a party your costume will most likely require some type of make-up. I know with past Halloweens I have had a lot of trouble removing my  make-up, however that was before I discovered coconut oil. Coconut oil is now my go to item when in need, let’s check out how to remove your make-up with it!


  1. Apply a pea-size amount of coconut oil to either your finger or a make-up sponge.
  2. Rub the coconut oil to the make-up that you wish to remove. You may need more coconut oil depending on how much makeup you are wearing.
  3. Run a wash cloth under warm water to remove all oil from your face.

    Pirate Face Painting After Coconut Oil

There you have it, a clean face without the hassle! You can also use coconut oil to remove your everyday makeup. This is wonderful if you have sensitive skin like mine because you can rub the oil directly over your eye to remove eyeliner and mascara! Also, if you are going to any fall carnivals this weekend, try using the coconut oil to remove your child’s face painting. I promise you that it will work so well.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween and be sure to share any Halloween tips you have below!


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