Kate Middleton’s Due Date

The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth any day now and the world is ready for the royal baby to arrive! Although her due date was never publicly released, the U.K. reports are insisting that she is due today, July 13th 2013. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are enjoying these last few days of pregnancy, swarms of media photographers and reporters have already started camping outside of St. Mary’s Hospital. Although her due date is today this does not necessarily mean baby will be making it’s debut. As all moms out there know, the baby will come when he or she feels is the right time.

 How does coconut oil relate to having a baby you may ask? Well, according to a Kelapo fan you make use it in this unique way! If that doesn’t seem to be your forte, don’t fret as there are many ways you can use this superfood with a new baby in the house. Let me start off by informing you of why coconut oil is beneficial for new moms. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a type of medium chain-triglyceride, which is only otherwise found in a mother’s breast milk. Lauric acid has been shown to be useful in increasing immunity and fighting viruses and disease, perfect for new mothers. Coconut oil is also a natural energy enhancer which is perfect for long nights with baby!

Coconut oil seems to be a great addition to your diet during pregnancy and even afterwards. I can only hope that Kate Middleton is aware of all of these great benefits that it can offer the royal baby. I recommend that the royal baby be born with a love for coconut oil as opposed to a silver spoon in his or her mouth! My guess is that this baby will not make their grand appearance for a few more days but what are your guesses?


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