San Francisco vs Baltimore Food Battle

Tomorrow marks the XLVII showing of the NFL’s Super Bowl.  That’s number 47 for all non-Romans.  This year is the first in its history to have two brothers, as opposing teams head coaches, to battle over the prize.  Some are even referring to this match-up as the Harbaugh Bowl.  John vs Jim.  Who will win?  In their own words “Who’s Got it Better Than Us?”  But today we ask you, whose got it better in the food category- San Francisco or Baltimore??  As the 49ers and Ravens take the field on Sunday we’re analyzing each of the teams hometown food choices.

Sourdough in the Shape of a Crab

San Francisco– Always a staple in the food world, San Francisco boasts top chefs, Michelin starred restaurants, and Asian flavors.  San Francisco invented the fortune cookie, Popsicle, and Cioppino- a seafood stew.  Visitors to the city always stop for a fresh sourdough bread bowl on Fisherman’s Wharf and a chocolate sweetie at Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory.  Cuisine wise, San Fran started the California cuisine culture of organic, fresh, local, and sustainable foods- from farm to plate.  Famous restaurants include Chez Panisse and Thomas Keller’s restaurant The French Laundry.  But these Bay area residents also like to drink, creating the Martini, Irish Coffee, and Mai Tai!

Baltimore– Nestled on the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore is all about the crab!  Steamed crabs, crab cakes, and Maryland crab soup.  There’s even a rumor about crab cheesecake.  The German population brought sauerkraut and sour beef and dumplings to the area.  Kids always enjoy the snowballs.  Freshly shaved iced flavored with spearmint, egg custard, or grape and topped off with real marshmallow fluff.  Travel out the beaches and visitors devour the French fries in malt vinegar, salt, and Old Bay seasoning.  Plus, there are plenty of salt water taffy joints to fulfill a sweet craving.

Baltimore Crabcake

 But who would win the cuisine battle royale?  Yes, San Fran area tallies up more restaurants on Forbes 2012 List of Best Restaurants, almost 2:1 vs Baltimore.  Does Baltimore have a saving grace though?  Are they the underdog in the food world?  Looks like Baltimore does beat San Francisco for most appearances on Diners, Dives, and Drive In’s!  Score 14-9.  The Drive In’s does it for B-More.  Baltimore has always been a proud working class city and they specialize in their own crab loving, greasy, fried feel good meals.  San Francisco takes the prize for more upscale, fashionable dining options.

Now the real question, who is going to win the Super Bowl?  Does big brother John have an edge on Jim?  Watch the game and serve Kayla’s meatball appetizers to all your hungry guests!  A crowd-pleaser no matter which side you root for!

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