Soften Your ‘Stache for Mo-vember

This November, lots of men are sporting facial hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer. That means lots of lady-friends out there are complaining about stubble burn and mustache rash! Never fear, Kelapo is here to help!

Whether your mustache is brand spankin’ new or just in need of a little grooming, extra virgin coconut oil is great for keeping it soft and manageable. Here’s what I found online at The Beard Community on the subject:

“Hair is covered with one or more protective outer layers called the cuticle. The more cuticle layers there are, the coarser the hair feels. Hair on your head is covered with several layers of cuticle, whereas the hair on your arms generally has few cuticle layers and the hair on your face generally has many more. (This can also vary with race and age.) That’s one reason facial hair often feels more wiry and coarse than head hair. Conditioner is designed to soften the cuticle layers, so try using it on your beard. Some guys find that applying coconut oil — an ingredient in shaving cream that softens whiskers — also helps.”

Thanks, Beard Community! And Happy Movember!



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