Solutions to Seasonal Allergies

As someone who has suffered from springtime seasonal allergies the whole 8 years I’ve lived in Florida, I decided to research how coconut oil might be able to help. I looked at what sorts of things make for a stuffy day: Dairy. It’s no secret that milk products cause more mucus production. One easy way to avoid dairy? Replace it with coconut! Coconut milk and coconut oil make great substitutes, and left me feeling less congested. High pollen count. This one seems unavoidable, but I actually tried putting some coconut oil right inside my nostrils before going outside (defense!), as […]


FDA on Coconut Oil: Generally Regarded As Safe

Round and round we go, where we stop no body knows!  Coconut oil has for so long unfairly gotten a bad rap.  Current studies on coconut oil have shown that the main ingredient, lauric acid, has antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties.  All good stuff!  Then there are those that still think coconut is part of the tree nut family.  It’s not!  (Read about tree nuts here.)  Allergic reactions to coconuts are an extremely rare condition.  Let’s stress that again, extremely rare!  Peanut allergies are commonplace today, but coconut allergies are not.  In fact, coconut oil is safe enough that the […]

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Explaining Tree Nuts vs Coconuts

This week, May 9-13, is Food Allergy Awareness week 2011.  We’re taking this great opportunity to shed light on the role coconut oil cooking has in the lives of people living with tree nut allergies.  Tree nut allergies are becoming more prevalent in children and many families must face how to deal with such an allergen.  Allergic persons may have mild reactions but more often have severe reactions requiring the use of an EpiPen or Twinject to calm the swelling mouth, itchy skin, and difficulty breathing.  Some persons don’t even have to ingest the nut but can just be in the […]

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