Chef Cristian

Chef Cristian’s Red Snapper Fillet

I chose Kelapo virgin coconut oil to pan-sear this fresh Red Snapper fillet. Coconut oil is non-greasy and heats up to the perfect temperature for quick pan-searing. For this recipe, I served the fish on top of organic purple beans (similar to conventional green beans) and organic cauliflower mash, which makes it a healthy, natural, low carbohydrate meal. I seasoned the fish with sea salt, fresh pepper, a dash of olive oil and fresh Florida lime juice.     Yields: 4 servings.Ingredients:– 4 portions of Red Snapper fillets– 1 Lb of organic Purple Beans (you can use green beans too)– […]

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Chef Cristian’s The Venezuelan Bomba

Have you ever had a meal that burned itself into your memory? Can you recall the taste, the texture, the conversation. Can you feel the breeze once again caress your skin? Does the mention of that meal transport you back in time to that moment?I have had several of these life-altering moments. Each of these meals were a meaningful event. A pinnacle of culinary discovery and sensation. A moment in time so thoroughly enjoyable that I snatched it from the universe and locked it away in my mind to be kept, admired, savored and remembered forever. Mine, all mine.For some […]

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Chef Cristian’s Soft Shell Crab

Pan-fried soft shell crab is a Southern favorite amongst Americans. With its crunchy shell, and savory flesh, it’s no wonder that blue soft shell crab has become a favorite amongst crab lovers everywhere. There are many different recipes that you can do with soft shell crab. This is one that I like doing for fancy dinner parties.  I chose Kelapo virgin coconut oil because of it’s coconut aroma and non-greasy consistency. It was perfect for giving the soft shell crab that crunchy outer texture while sealing in the juices. I prepared this dish with cooked yuca root, red pepper chimichurri […]

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