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Chef Cristian’s East Indian Thanksgiving Dinner

It was November of 1620. Nine months prior to this date, a colony of separatists left England in search of a new land to call home. A land where they could practice their religion, raise their children, and enjoy the freedom that Americans knows today. But it turns out that the Mayflower’s navigator held the compass backwards, and instead of landing in Cape Cod,  they somehow ended up in the bustling city of Thiruvananthapuram on the ardent southern shores of India.Only half of the pilgrims survived that scorching summer. The rest of the pilgrims hooked up with a guy named […]

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What To Do With Your Halloween Pumpkin On November 1

Here are some great recipes from Chef Cristian Feher so that your Halloween pumpkin doesn’t go to waste.   It’s officially November 1st and your kids are in a sugar coma. Pirate capes and princess costumes hang on the edge of the hamper, and you’re still trying to get that fake blood off the carpet. But miraculously, no one stole, blew up, or smashed your pumpkins! And it’s a good thing, because you can now  turn them into delicious meals for the rest of the week.The first thing that comes to your mind is pumpkin pie, right? Well I’d like […]

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Chef Cristian’s Roasted Organic Vegetables

One of my favorite finds at my local market is fresh organic vegetables. I am, by no means, a vegetarian, but I love to add fresh fruits and vegetables to my omnivorous diet. The variety of produce available yearly and seasonally allows one to create different combinations – with so many varieties of produce available throughout the year and seasonally, it’s very easy to create different combinations to keep one’s palate entertained throughout the year. I have chosen to share this recipe because I believe that good vegetables need very little dressing up. Roasting them over a fire (even on […]

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