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Top Health Reasons to Switch to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I get this question a lot – I mean all the time, “Why is coconut oil healthy?” Or some version of that. I’m sure all the other coconut oil fans out there are getting the same questions from their friends. Today’s post will help you out with that. My top health benefits all in one place. So bookmark this, share it, save it, reference it a lot. 1. Metabolism Supermodels aside, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone not concerned with their metabolism. I’ll admit it, I hate dieting. I don’t care how fabulous I’ll look, or how easy it […]

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Coconut Oil Stopping Strep Bacteria?

One hot topic in coconut oil is oral health. If you’re familiar with our blog, you know lauric acid found in coconut oil gives it the anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties that are known to heal and fight off infection. Recently, Sarah Jane Sandy, a Certified Nutrition Therapist, wrote an article that broke down science behind this MCT and how it may help prevent tooth decay and even a common virus. “A recent study from the Athlone Institute of Technology found that coconut oil was the only oil of 3 tested (olive oil and vegetable oil being the other two) that […]

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Toddlers and the Flu

If you have kids you know how easily they can get sick! So how do we prevent our little ones from getting sick? Well, I don’t think we can fully protect them from getting sick but we can try! My little guy has only gotten sick about twice in the last 2 years which I am thankful for but it still stinks. I’m not one for medicine, especially since he isn’t even two yet, so I like to find natural remedies for the cold. Coconut Oil is my go to item of choice whether I am cooking or I need to feel […]

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